About Me

About Me

Howdy Ya’ll

I am...a buttinski, an artist, a stylist...but most of all i am the perfect guy to make your inspiring and artful spaces. 

I am the Visual Merchandiser and Stylist for Great House Bonny Nieman...(Professional and Technical Title: Creative Buttinski) There I manage the look, feel, and aesthetic of the store. Creating many different style spaces to show off our excitingly special treasures. With everything from Antique, Vintage, to contemporary artisan pieces and a huge selection of art, Great House is the perfect destination in making your house your home. 

I also spent the last few years as a Display Coordinator at Anthropologie!! There I created larger the life display spectacles for our customers to shop around and create an interactive, unimagined experience. Using mundane materials in interesting ways and building new structures, fixtures, and works of art that create beautiful displays to enchant!   

In addition to merchandising and display, I also work with Personal Touch Experience as an Event Design Specialist. Using dramatic and inviting elements to create an intimate space in any size room! With detailed moments of surprise to huge show stopping displays anything is possible to put a personal touch on your special events.

There is nothing better then connecting with creative and inspiring people! I cant wait to connect with YOU! Lets work together to transform and create! 

Email - mattallegretta@gmail.com

Phone - 201-306-6983

Based out of Northern New Jersey